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Hotel Sibara SPA & Convenções (Sibara Hotel SPA & Conventions) is in the center of Balneário Camboriú, one of the main tourist destinations of the Brazilian coast, just 100 meters from the sea and close to a vibrant commerce with shops, bars and varied restaurants. Therefore, it is the perfect option for those traveling for pleasure or business. Whatever your need, the Hotel Sibara SPA & Convenções will serve you perfectly. The location, the service and all the details were thought and created aiming at your convenience, comfort and satisfaction.

Guests can choose from 6 room categories: Economic, Superior, Family Suíte, Flat, Master Suite and Master Suite Premium.

The hotel also has a complete structure: heated swimming pools, thermal pool, hydro, dry and steam sauna, bar, restaurant, games room and gym, ironing service and mini kitchen.

Our great differential is our 11 rooms for events with different formats that fit all occasions, whether corporate or social.

Since 1993 the Hotel Sibara SPA & Convenções prides itself on tradition in meeting well and always offering the best, providing the most cost-effective ratio of the region.

Meet the Hotel Sibara SPA & Convenções.


Rules About Hosting Minors

In compliance with Article 82 of the Child and Adolescent Statute, which prohibits minors from staying in hotels, motels, boarding houses or similar establishments, we ask that for your comfort and convenience, the rules adopted by the hotel be observed, without the which, we reserve the right not to accept the accommodation of the minor.

- Minors accompanied by parents: Mandatory proof of paternity by presenting the original document of the minor and the original document of the parents or legal guardians (holder of the Judicial Guard);

- Minors accompanied by third parties/relatives (other than legal guardians): It is mandatory to present the original documentation of the companion and the minor, in addition to written authorization, with the notarized signature of the minor's parents and a copy of the parents' documents, giving the specific authorization for the companion.

"For clarification, the Statute of the Child and Adolescent also provides in its article 83, which provides for authorization to travel, which should not be confused with the aforementioned article 82."


Identification bracelet

The use of an identification wristband in the internal areas of Hotel Sibara is an important rule applied to control guest access and security, thus helping to easily identify our customers.

O Hotel Sibara


"Provide the best experience with quality lodging and events."


"Grow in a consolidated and sustainable way, being recognized in the hotel market for good customer service and loyalty."


Formed by a team of professionals with excellence in meeting the interests of our collaborators and guests, we distinguish ourselves for ethics, professionalism, human valorization, proactivity, optimism and teamwork.


Children's ages:


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